DXGL is provided subject to the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1. To install DXGL, simply download and run the Windows installer. To upgrade, install over the old version. All programs configured by the configuration tool or automatically added by the DXGL library will be automatically updated during the installation progress.

Updgrade notes

Users of 0.5.8 or below, see here.

The current available version of DXGL is 0.5.12. Please click one of the links below to download.

Windows installer

Source code

Please see below for older versions.


Version history

Version Source Binary Major changes
0.5.12 Download Download Fix window mode. Add .ini configuration support. Add debug options. Add color key override. Add single buffer display mode.
0.5.11 Download Download Bug fixes. Downgrade runtime to VS2010. Add first pass scaling mode and forced SSAA.
0.5.10 Download Download Minor bug fixes. Optimization for shader cache. Add non-minimizing windowed borderless modes.
0.5.9 Download Download Minor clipper fixes. Isolate most of renderer backend from frontend API. Overhaul installer and configuration.
0.5.8 Download Download Upgrade compiler to Visual Studio 2013. Add forced-window mode. Add borderless-window (non-exclusive) fullscreen mode.
0.5.7 Download Download Minimize fullscreen mode on Alt+Tab and restore desktop resolution. Fix D3DTLVERTEX rendering. Fix D3D color key support. Add depth fill Blt.
0.5.6 Download Download More API improvements. Improve dithering performance. Full ROP support. Windows 10 compatibility.
0.5.5 Download Download API improvements. Add mipmap texture support. Better Direct3D2 texture support. Adjustments to transformed vertices. Add dithering.
0.5.4 Download Download Blt fixes. Color key fix. Add destination and colorspace color key. Add 90 degree blt rotation. Add blt mirroring.
0.5.3 Download Download Surface clipper support. Same source/dest blt fix. Dynamic blt shader generation. Partial ROP support.
0.5.2 Download Download Better Windows 8.1 compatibility. High DPI support. Custom aspect ratio support. Better 8-bit color support.
0.5.1 Download Download Fix Intel graphics compatibility. Support ARB_sampler_objects for more accurate D3D emulation. Fix several bugs. Add tracing support to source code.
0.5.0 Download Download Add partial DirectX2 D3D support. Enable D3D support on all builds. Improve Windows 8 compatibility. Fix a few D3D bugs.
0.4.2 Download Download Add wireframe and point rendering. Add fog. Add flat shading. Fix light positions.
0.4.1 Download Download Add backface culling. Add alpha test functions. Add texture color key. Various DDraw and D3D fixes.
0.4.0 Download Download Add DirectX5 D3D support. Add locking of surface rects. Various minor fixes.
0.3.2 Download Download Rewrite texture management. Add RGBA4444 textures. Add alpha blending. Fix crash in XP.
0.3.1 Download Download Fix surface access. Eliminate redundant GL state changes. Some D3D fixes.
0.3.0 Download Download Improve installer. Add DirectX6 D3D support.
0.2.3 Download Download Add spot lights. Add specular lighting. Add transformed vertices support.
0.2.2 Download Download Fix threading bugs. Add Z buffer testing. Add point lights.
0.2.1 Download Download Add more texture shaders. Add Windows 8 registry fix. Various fixes.
0.2.0 Download Download Add preliminary IDirect3D7 interfaces. Fix DXGLCFG profiles.
0.1.6 Download Download Fix AMD/ATI compatibility. Validate parameters. Fix render thread.
0.1.5 Download Download Fix shader engine. Improved application compatibility. Screen smoothing in 8-bit modes.
0.1.4 Download Download Use shaders for rendering. Fix OpenGL memory leaks.
0.1.3 Download Download Optimize texture uploads. Add Z buffer support. Fix framebuffer object initialization.
0.1.2 Download Download Add COM initialization. Restore display mode when deleting DDraw object. Fix VSync.
0.1.1 Download Download Add mouse support. Improve render window drawing. Add vertical sync support.
0.1.0 Download Download Fix Windows XP compatibility. Add installer. Add application profile support. Add help file.
0.0.7 Download Download Add DirectDrawEnumerate. Add color fill and colorkey blt(). Fix flipping. Add compatibility with Windows 8.
0.0.6 Download Download Speed up surface locking. Fix non-multiple-of-8 modes.
0.0.5 Download Download Add GetDC() GDI surface access. Add more tests to DXGLTest.
0.0.4 Download Download Add all DDraw interface versions, add 15 and 24 bit modes, add low-res modes, fix memory leaks.
0.0.3 Download Download Remove wxWidgets and GLEW, fix duplicate mode enumeration, multiple fixes.
0.0.2 Download Download Add windowed mode.
0.0.1 Download Download Initial preview release. Only direct access to primary surface.