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Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny3First person action RPG. Sequel to the DOS game Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos
Settlers 410The player must build a working economy to produce military units, and then go to war against enemies. Iron and coal are needed to produce weapons that are used to "recruit" soldiers from the pool of workers. This, in turn, requires mines and food production. All buildings require wood and stone to build, and all settlers need living space, which means a chain of infrastructure is required before armies may be produced.
Sonic 3D13In Sonic 3D Flickies' Island, Sonic the Hedgehog goes on an adventure to save the Flickies from Dr. Robotnik, who have captured them and put them in to badniks.
VisualBoyAdvance1Game Boy/GBA emulator
Zelda Classic4Legend of Zelda emulator with custom quest support
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