Maintainer Rating Definitions

Maintainer Rating Definitions

The Application Database features a maintainer rating system that allows you to see which applications work best in DXGL. This rating system is designed to assist users by giving a rating based on an ‘expert's’ experience.

  • Platinum

    An application can be rated as Platinum if it installs and runs flawlessly ‘out of the box’. No changes required in dxglcfg.exe

  • Gold

    Application works flawlessly with some settings changes or third party software.

  • Silver

    Application works excellently for ‘normal’ use; a game works fine in fullscreen but not in windowed mode, slight graphics issues, 2D but not 3D support, etc.

  • Bronze

    Application works, but it has some issues, even for normal use; a game may not redraw properly or display fonts in wrong colours, be much slower than it should etc.

  • Garbage

    An application gets this rating if it cannot be used for the purpose it was designed for. There should be at least one bug report in Bugzilla if it gets this rating. Application cannot be installed, does not start, or starts but has so many errors that it is nearly impossible to use it.

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