Information on what a maintainer is and why they are important to the appdb.

Maintainers are privileged users who have the ability to administrate applications and versions. Maintainers typically use the applications and versions they maintain on a daily or weekely basis and test them with each new version of DXGL that is released. They also respond to forum posts for their applications/versions and review and process test results and screenshots that users submit. Please see the maintainer's guidelines for more information on the kinds of things a maintainer has stewardship over.

Maintainers are crucial to the usefulness of the AppDB as they ensure that information is kept up-to-date. With the large number of applications and versions present in the AppDB today it would be a difficult task for the small number of AppDB admins to try to perform this task.

See the AppDB FAQ for the difference between a maintainer and a super maintainer.

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